Moroccan Industrial Mix Bath in Glen Ellyn

The hall bath for this client in Glen Ellyn started out a little dated with its 1970’s color scheme and general wear and tear, but check out the transformation!

The floor is really the focal point here, it kind of works the same way wallpaper would, but — it’s on the floor. I love this graphic tile, patterned after Moroccan encaustic, or cement, tile, but this one is actually porcelain at a very affordable price point and much easier to install than cement tile.

Once we had homeowner buy-in on the floor choice, the rest of the space came together pretty easily – we are calling it “transitional, Moroccan, industrial.” Key elements are the traditional vanity, Moroccan shaped mirrors and flooring, and plumbing fixtures, coupled with industrial choices — glass block window, a counter top that looks like cement but that is actually very functional Corian, sliding glass shower door, and simple glass light fixtures.

The final space is bright, functional and stylish. Quite a transformation, don’t you think?

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