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Clean Remodeling

Your home is where you’re most comfortable. While we remodel, we make sure to keep it that way.
Too often, we meet folks considering a renovation of their kitchen or bath who are paralyzed by a fear of the mess it will make. They don’t want their belongings damaged or ruined, they don’t want their kids and pets breathing in dust and debris, and they simply can’t afford to move out of the house during the remodel. What they need—and what The Kitchen Studio always strives to accomplish in our work—is what we call a clean and livable remodel. We make absolutely sure that our customers are happy and as comfortable as possible in their homes while we transform their living space.

Keeping your family safe and comfortable during the remodeling process
Our team of remodelers is fully conscious of your family’s health, safety, and comfort—especially in a place as special as your own home—so we take every step necessary to minimize the impact of our work.

This starts with eliminating as much dust and debris as possible, directly at the source, using the BuildClean Dust Control system on every remodeling job we do. This innovative dust control system, equipped with HEPA filtration, removes up to 90% of airborne dust at the renovation site.

clean kitchen and bath remodeling dust free kitchen and bath remodeling

As for that unavoidable 10% of dust remaining in the worksite, we do the following to ensure our customers’ satisfaction:

  • Isolate the work area by taping plastic dust barriers over doorways, keeping the dust and debris contained.
  • Place sticky mats at entryways to prevent workers from tracking dust and debris into the living areas of the home.
  • Seal all HVAC vents in the work area to prevent dust from spreading throughout the airways of the home.
  • Remove remaining dust and debris at the end of each workday to keep your home clean.

Your home is under construction, not your life.
We know that with home renovation comes some stress and worries that can interrupt daily life in your home. Our entire team of professionals is dedicated to making your kitchen or bath remodel a smooth process—a clean and livable remodel.

Ready to tell us about your remodeling project?
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